Stratford International Extension - DLR6 Project

Ascenda Management Consulting Ltd has been appointed to support the Skanska VolkerRail Joint Venture in charge of delivering the new Stratford International Extension Package 6 Project, with the overall management of the Testing & Commissioning works.

Ascenda’s remit is to identify the outstanding works and issues that are of concern to the JV and DLR, to suggest a robust testing and Assurance process is adopted by the entire supply chain of subcontractors, to establish the procedures for the critical system integration phase of the testing & commissioning and to set up the management tools and mechanism to get it implemented in a safe and timely manner.

The objective is to ensure the successful delivery of the works in a safe and timely manner and to ensure the Project Assurance obligations are met in providing a full suite of organised documents and records which reflect the correct status of the infrastructure for the maintainer to take over at completion.

A very challenging task for our organisation arriving in the game at such a late stage. Indeed, Ascenda Management Consulting Ltd was not originally part of the project team that was appointed several years ago to deliver this project and has just joined recently for a limited period of time.