Ascenda's new website

After several years of successfully delivering railway projects it was high time for Ascenda Management Consulting Ltd to share its experience and advertise its well recognised competency by launching a new professional website.

The site will be updated very regularly with photographs, videos and news and it will be linked back to LinkedIN and Twitter platforms. In particular we are maintaining a ’blog’ on LinkedIN where people can share their experiences, learn about new projects and jobs opportunities in the railway sector. Please visit Ascenda Corporate Group.

There is a dedicated Careers section where candidates would be able to send us their CV explaining briefly whay they are after and why they would want to join us.

Alternatively there is a Contact form to be completed for any other enquiry you may have about Ascenda Management Consulting Ltd.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank again Ros Orpin and John Thurrock, two professional photographers, for authorising us to publish on this web site some of their greatest pictures of CTRL and the East London Line projects. We would encourage you to take direct contact with them would you need to immortalise your projects.