A job well done - Nigeria 2012

Ascenda Management Consulting has just completed a sensitive logistic heavy load transportation in Nigeria for TSO to the satisfaction of the customer.

The huge experience of our Mick Bowles who already worked for us a year ago on this project and the close support of Ascenda back in London has offered the client the right combination of talent, patience, adaptability, expertise and availability to deliver a successful service despite a difficult and still dangerous environment in this unstable area of Nigeria.

In addition to the delivery of the works on site Ascenda was requested to produce a specific logistic instruction which was delivered satisfactorily by our Jim Whittington for the site team to use.

The fact that we were able to comply with TSO expectations at very short notice was probably a key factor in getting this contract. Many thanks again to Mick and Jim for making this another success story for Ascenda Management Consulting.