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Channel Tunnel Rail Link

CTRL Section 2 Project

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link - Section 2 project started in 2002 and got completed in June 2007.

The line opened to passengers and members of the public at St Pancras International Station on the 14th November 2007 after several months of extensive testing and commissioning activities.

The joint venture that was behind the installation and commissioning of the main works infrastructure was made of Alstom Transport, Carillon PLC and Travaux-du-Sud-Ouest (TSO).
The name of the joint-venture was ACT-JV and the associated CTRL Contract package was C576.

CTRL Section 2 Project
Entente Cordiale
Arrival of First ever Train at St Pancras International
Eurostar under the Barlow shed
Preparation on-board Eurostar before test runs
Review of CTRL-Section 2 project
Test Run on board Eurostar Test Train
Eurostar Test Train T&C Team
Eurostar test train at Stratford
Convoy of RRV
Installation of OCS equipment
Structure Gauge Checks
Gauge 'Hot Spots' checks
Test Track
View of London Tunnel
Multi-Purpose Gantry
Transition Slab & Ballasted Tracks
Multi Purpose Gantry (MPG)
Slab Track Team
Train Tunnel Ventilation Tests
Mauzin Train Tests
Michael Palin visits CTRL