New book about Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Jonathan Falconer just published a new book about Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s greatest construction acheivements. This is not the first time Jonathan is writting about one of  the greatest engineer in Britain’s history. Back in 2008 he already published "Brunel (What’s left of)" but this time we were’re asked if we would be happy to contribute by giving Jonathan authorisation to publish two of our photographs of the Brunel’s tunnel under the Thames that were taken by our Frederic Sancho during the construction and commissioning of the East London Line Project in London back in 2009.
First we were intrigued by the request. Surely there were plenty of good pictures of Brunel’s tunnel that had been taken over the years but Jonathan liked Frederic’s ones and it is with great pleasure that we gave our authorisation for publication.
As mentioned by the editor: "In the Footsteps of Brunel presents the life and career of Brunel, with chapters on the whole range of his construction projects, together with contemporary and present day illustrations of his lasting legacies. An extensive gazetteer of places lists where his work can still be seen today. Recent developments in the story of Brunel’s legacy are included such as the recently discovered Bishop’s Bridge at Paddington, the proposal to make the Great Western Railway a UNESCO World Heritage site and the government listing of structures along the route. The book will be illustrated with a range of memorable photographs, many in colour together with historical illustrations."

We hope you will give this book the attention it deserves, at least those of you that took part in the East London Line project between 2007 and 2009 and that will recognise some of the pictures. We would like to take this opportunity to warlmy thank Jonathan again for sending us a copy of his book, something every civil engineer should have sitting on his/her bedside table !

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