Latest news

25/03/2015 - First Slab Track Concreting - Connaught Tunnel (See more...)
17th March 2015 - Start of slab track concreting at Connaught Tunnel. Crossrail Project - C610 Main Works Contractor - ALSTOM-TSO-COSTAIN Joint-Venture (ATC-jv)
07/11/2014 - New book about Isambard Kingdom Brunel (See more...)
Jonathan Falconer just published a new book about Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s greatest construction acheivements. This is not the first time Jonathan is writting about one of  the greatest engineer (...)
19/06/2014 - Tramway Operations - Dynamic Testing (See more...)
Since the beginning of May 2014 Ascenda is supporting the Nottingham Tramway project with the service of a rail movement controller / Test Track Manager equivalent for their phase of dynamic testing. Having (...)

Some other news

08/02/2014 - Canary Wharf Station Site Visit (See more...)
We were invited to attend a site visit of the Canary Wharf Station under construction as part of the Crossrail Railway construction project in January 2014 - London (UK). A truly impressive achievement (...)
16/01/2014 - WAD Planning Coordination (See more...)
Ascenda_MCL is currently recruiting a Work Authorisation Document (WAD) Coordinator to work on one of its rail infrastructure project. The assignment, based in the UK, is to start immediately and will (...)
12/11/2013 - Ville, Rail et Transport (See more...)
This is the latest article (in French I am afraid) about the Crossrail project that can be found in ’Ville Rail & Transport magazine’ from October 2013. A huge thank you to French Rail journalists (...)
04/11/2013 - Nottingham NET2 - T&C Support (See more...)
Our client on the Nottingham Express Transit - phase 2 project, ALSTOM Transport, has recently approached us enquiring if we would be interested in providing some technical support to their Testing and (...)