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Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Preparation on-board Eurostar before test runs

On board the Eurostar instrumented test train with the engineers and technicians from Alstom, Inexia and Eurailtest in March/April 2007.

The team is preparing the next series of test runs to be undertaken on the section 2 of the channel tunnel rail link.


CTRL Section 2 Project
Entente Cordiale
Arrival of First ever Train at St Pancras International
Eurostar under the Barlow shed
Preparation on-board Eurostar before test runs
Review of CTRL-Section 2 project
Test Run on board Eurostar Test Train
Eurostar Test Train T&C Team
Eurostar test train at Stratford
Convoy of RRV
Installation of OCS equipment
Structure Gauge Checks
Gauge 'Hot Spots' checks
Test Track
View of London Tunnel
Multi-Purpose Gantry
Transition Slab & Ballasted Tracks
Multi Purpose Gantry (MPG)
Slab Track Team
Train Tunnel Ventilation Tests
Mauzin Train Tests
Michael Palin visits CTRL