Past and Current

Ascenda Management Consulting Ltd has been dealing with most of the key players in the rail industry from Alstom Transport  to Balfour Beatty and Carillion Plc.

Alstom Transport:

- Ascenda managed to maintain a rapid response service as a result of ACT-Joint Venture’s obligation to deal with any post handover issues occurring on High-Speed-One now operating as a passengers railway after the end of the C576 contract. This included the refurbishment of 25kV OCS switch cubicles installed in the London Tunnels following buzzing and leakages issues, the organisation of additional factory testing in France, the production of method statements and test reports and the planning of engineering hours possessions with NR-CTRL to undertake the necessary works on all 10 switches.

- Ascenda provided testing and commissioning expertise to Alstom Transport engineering team during the tender for the French Sud-Europe-Atlantique high speed line tender period. This involved the production of a testing strategy and associated programme of works as well as meeting with key possible suppliers for the dynamic tests.

- Ascenda produced the Construction Railway Rulebook for the Marmaray project in Turkey to establish the rules governing the movement of engineering trains and the management of work sites along the railway under construction. At the time the Turkish project was led by Alstom Transport.

Balfour Beatty and Carillion:

- Ascenda provided Balfour Beatty and Carillion with a fully comprehensive testing and commissioning service for the East London Line project between 2007 and 2010, from establishing the original testing strategy in the early days to managing the static testing and the operation of class 378 test train during the test running period at the end of the project. In addition Ascenda organised the Weekly Notice via planning meetings including the Work Authorisation Document for safe access to installed equipment that could be of live status. Ascenda established an electrical permit office for the limitation of access in the traction substations and HV rooms as well as providing a Power-On request team dealing with all the LV and M&E required energisations for testing purposes in a safe and as effective as reasonably practicable way. Ascenda is still involved on this project with the final commissioning and training of Bombardier Trains personnel for the New Cross Gate depot equipment.

Travaux du Sud-Ouest (TSO):

- TSO requested Ascenda to provide Rail Movement Control support for its ITAKPE-AJAOKUTA-WARRI ORE rail line project in Nigeria. This consisted in training courses preparation in the UK as well as a period of training in Nigeria for the local staff to understand the Railway Rulebook Rules to be applied on their project and to get some direct feedback from an experienced Rail Movement Controller about the nature of the job.

- Ascenda provided slab track construction supervision on the Southampton tunnel project during critical times of the year between Christmas and the new year when specialised resources availability was extremely difficult to secure, still at an affordable rate for the period and despite the short term requirements for this role.

- Ascenda is providing Track Construction Management services to TSO in Cambodia in the south of the country near Kampot. The line is of metric type on ballast. The cultural gap as well as the working conditions in this region of Cambodia can be extremely difficult to cope with which is a challenge for the personnel involved.

Balfour Beatty Engineering Services:

- Ascenda was in charge of the management and implementation of the testing and commissioning works for BBES on the East London Line - Phase 1A extention. The purpose of the extention was to merge the existing East London Line handed over back in 2010 and stopping at Dalston station with the North London Line at Highbury and Islington station. Ascenda commissioned both the signalling LV power supplies as well as the newly built Kingsland road traction substation several weeks in advance of the client’s deadline.

London Underground:

- Ascenda provided testing and commissioning support for the Sub-Surface Line S8 programme for London Underground. This consisted mainly in organising the programme of test trains and in preparing the test runs with the rolling stock supplier to validate the infrastructure modifications generated by the S8 works.

Crossrail Limited:

- Ascenda is providing services to the Crossrail Limited organisation based in Canary Wharf (London-UK) to support the project with testing & commissioning as well as Railhead and Rulebook logistics expertise.

Skanska & Volkerrail:

- Ascenda provided the Skanska-Volkerrail Joint Venture with a fully comprehensive testing and commissioning solution for the Stratford International Extension - DLR Package 6 project. Ascenda was requested to staff some of the key individuals which would lead the systems’ testing and commissioning for the final stages of the works as well as reshaping the Assurance documentation and reorganising the evidence required to secure the handover to the client.